When we first discovered 3D printing, we instantly knew it was magical. 3D printing

technology is the future: layer by layer, we can now build a prototype overnight. It has

empowered us, freeing us from the constraints of traditional manufacturing. The speed at

which we are now capable of developing new ideas with 3D printing technology is invaluable. We have a serious focus on innovation and the new technology enables us to design, create and test our ideas ourselves, without the need of dozens of engineers and technicians.


Our very first design task was to create a universal child safety device. It had to incorporate the safety requirements outlined in the legislation, but we also tasked ourselves with it being a one-piece part. It needed to have the capability to be face fitted without twisting the chain, reveal fitted without compromising the fabric, base fitted for floor mounted curtain cords and be aesthetically pleasing. Over 40 prototypes were printed and tested before the product was finalised. We affectionately call it the HERO. ‘Designed for safety, install a HERO’ is its motto and we are proud to release the HERO for sale at SuperExpo2016.


The timing of SuperExpo2016 has enabled us to showcase our latest products, including the release of our external blind guide, hold down and cable tensioning system, the MDock. The system is designed to accompany manufacturers’ existing products and is compatible with most drop awnings on the market. MDock provides manufacturers with various options due to its unique modular design, simplified cable management, easy guide adjustment, magnetic fabric tensioning that doesn’t require specialised motorisation to operate. The MDock, like our other products, was designed by us and prototyped with our 3D printing. We know how frustrating it can be to have an idea and not know what to do with it. This is why Silent Shade offers its services to businesses wanting to bring their ideas to fruition.


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